Power & Energy Contractor

was initiated to integrate such two powerful companies' core competencies represented in their knowledge, innovation, human resources, quality of work & communication.

EMEG was stablished in 2007 to be spacialized in Power Plant Generators, Transmission Lines and Power Transformers. Capabilities, competencies and good reputation made EMEG a target when it comes to Energy works.

EM TECH was initiated in 2001 and started expanding from Lebanon in 2010 to penetrate new markets such as Iraq, Nigeria and Algeria in a very smooth way due to several reasons such as availability of digital documentation system (VBC), good Quality Management System (ISO 9001;2008), accepting challenges for new projects such as IC LEED certified project and good relations and reputation with our stakeholders.

This integrated engineering services and products of the JV allows our clients to benefit a one stop- shop approach with lower costs, better delivery schedules and synergistic design along with prevailing execution capability.

EM Tech - EMEG JV Power & Energy Works Service include:

• Power Transformers:

• Power Generators

• Transmission Lines