EM TECH’s quality policy is to undertake Electromechanical Contracting projects in a profitable way and to comply fully with Stakeholders' requirements to conform to standards realized by our Stakeholders as being outstanding.

To ensure commitment to EM TECH Policy and provide a framework for continual performance improvement, a Quality Management System is established to meet ISO 9001:2008 requirements on continuous basis. We believe that in order to confirm the effectiveness and success of the system, we need the collaboration and effort of all EM TECH employees.
Quality Policy
Quality Objectives

- Ensure that Stakeholders' requirements and expectations are fully understood, standards created and service delivery continually monitored   against these standards.

- Provide the right organization and resources and employ the right people to ensure Quality products and services that fulfill Stakeholders'   requirements effectively and efficiently.

- Continually review and monitor all aspects of operations to identify opportunities for implementing continuing improvement.

- Right-First-Time Instalation and Testing approach which embodies our commitment and passion to minimize instalation time and costs.

- Inspire, align, motivate and support our employees to become worthy intellectual resources with awareness of scope of work.

- Using technical benchmarking in improving electromechanical works which lead to a better work achievement, lower cost, less time, and better customer satisfaction.

The implementation of the Quality Management System is mandatory, but its Effectiveness and success can only be achieved by the contribution and commitment of all personnel. Each employee will receive full support to ensure that the Quality System is effectively communicated, implemented, maintained and improved throughout EM TECH departmental levels.

It is our responsibility to ensure the Quality System functions correctly and its effectiveness is maintained through monitoring, control, audit and review.